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I’m dedicated to helping you become the best mom for your little one!

That’s why I’m here!

Embarking on the journey of motherhood, especially as a first-time mom, can feel like going through a complex and sometimes overwhelming maze.

The mix of uncertainty and a deep-seated desire for genuine knowledge to provide the best care for your baby can be daunting.

That’s where I step in.

“I don’t claim to have all the answers because nobody does. But believe me when I say that I understand you completely. Having been in the shoes of a first-time mom, filled with doubts and questions, I know precisely what you’re going through.”

My insights aren’t just drawn from personal experience.

With over two decades dedicated to maternal and newborn care, both at the bedside and as a nurse practitioner at the pediatric office, before transitioning into a full-time educator, I bring a wealth of professional experience.

This background gives me the confidence to offer you practical, reliable advice rooted in real-life experience and professional expertise.


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Why I’m Passionate About What I Do

My passion stems from the inspiration I draw from my patients, compelling me to advocate for maternal and newborn health persistently and impact new parents’ lives by providing straightforward and practical guidance.

Moms, I extend a warm invitation for you to join us here, where you can glean invaluable insights to empower your journey through the early stages of self-care and newborn care.

Whether it’s crucial baby tips or nurturing self-care advice during the postpartum phase, rest assured, I have you covered.

Being a new parent may come with challenges, but YOU GOT THIS, and I’m here to support you.

Some quirky tidbits about me:

  • I love Korean barbecue, working out (sometimes 😂), vacations on the beach, the smell of the rain, warm brownies and vanilla ice cream, Amazon shopping, Audible and Spotify, bubble tea dates with my teens, breakfast with my husband, and traveling with my family.
  • I embrace a life free of regrets, a polite way of admitting that I often act impulsively and have made more questionable choices than I can remember.
  • I thoroughly enjoy socializing with my friends, where we often daydream about an enchanting afternoon stroll through the picturesque streets of Lisbon, indulging in the soothing ambiance of South Korea’s K-dramas, or simply unwinding on a beach in Boracay, immersed in the salty air and engrossed in a captivating book. Ah, the life many of us yearn for… or perhaps it’s just us?
  • I miserably failed at breastfeeding, but I still get to experience it for a short few months for both my kids.
  • My Gen Z son built my website, so I am fully committed to buying matcha lattes as he pleases.
  • And lastly, I have a lovely daughter who shares many of my interests, yet her personality is the complete opposite of mine 💟

Behind The Scenes

Hello all!

My name is Luigi, and I handle the intricate aspects of the website, delving into the finer details of its architecture and functionality.

My focus encompasses the complexities behind the scenes, ensuring a seamless and robust digital experience for users.

In simpler terms, I help assist my mom with the confusing aspects of running a website.

 I’ll be the one to contact if you have inquiries regarding the site’s front-end development, SEO, theming, and hosting services, to name a few.

Feel free to contact me at luigi@cherryugarcia.coml